Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Back of the Yards Newspaper Hit the Streets Today

Congratulations to the Back of the Yards Neighborhood Council on the successful launch of the new community newspaper. Currently, it's a newspaper in search of a name/un periodico en busca de un nombre (please excuse the lack of correct accent marks--I really must learn how to do that on Blogger).

Unfortunately, I missed the launch party yesterday evening, but my copy was in front of my house by about 10:30 this morning. If you don't live in the neighborhood and haven't received a hard copy, you can click here here to read the issue online as a pdf.

The lead story is about the delay in building the long-awaited new high school at 47th and Hoyne. 12th Ward Alderman George Cardenas is quoted saying, "We need a high school now. We need to put pressure on CPS and particularly the Board. I want to take a group of students and a group of parents to the board meetings."

Just say the word, Ald. Cardenas. I'll be happy to bring my six-month-old son along, in hopes the neighborhood gets this school before he's a freshman.

Oh, and in the interests of full disclosure, I'm very happy they chose to print an edited version of my post about our local post office, which was recently saved from the chopping block.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

New Paper for Back of the Yards Coming Next Week

Watch for the new community newspaper for Back of the Yards--if you live here, it's coming to your mailbox Feb. 17!

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Breaking News: New Commish, Street Vendor Crackdown, More Local Media Coming,

Three quick hits:

Congratulations to Jesus "Chuy" Garcia, who handily defeated incumbent Joseph Mario Moreno in yesterday's Democratic primary. You can see the results by ward and precinct at the Board of Election's website. Click on the far left button, then search for "February 2010 Primary Democratic" and then "Cook County Commissioner 7th District." Happy to see he won in the 16th!

This morning over at Park Federal Savings Bank, street vendors met to determine how to respond to a recent crackdown on their business from the 9th District. There was a news truck out front, but I'm not sure what outlet it was from. To some, perhaps, the issue is straightforward--a few years ago a North Side alderman attempted to ban corn vendors from her ward, if memory serves. Chicago does license and regulate street vendors; I have no idea how many of the carts on 47th have actually gotten licenses. Apparently local storefront businesses are fed up with litter from the street vendors. Our new commander in the 9th may have other concerns; I don't know. To me, street vendors are classic American entrepreneurs and should be encouraged within reasonable limits around licensing and sanitation. So I hope the vendors, storefronts, and cops can find a happy middle ground.

Last item: watch for a new bilingual paper to hit the streets here in Back of the Yards later this month! Here at the Tattler, I'm delighted to see a print media outlet opening up to showcase what's going on in our neighborhood, and look forward to cross-pollination with the folks at Back of the Yards Neighborhood Council who are putting it together. Watch for young writers to get a voice over there in the upcoming months, too.

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