Friday, May 27, 2005

Raid Aftermath

In short, they did get the wrong house. My neighbor across the street, hereafter known as Ms.Ribs for her cooking, is seeing a lawyer next week. They're suing.

Yesterday morning I attended an event at the small high school down the street from my house. I had to run home afterwards, in the later morning. I didn't see Ms. Ribs, but I heard her voice behind me as I was opening my front door: "You not working today?"

"Hey, Ms. Ribs," I said. "No, I'm working, just going in late." I left the door locked and went across the street to talk. "What happened?"

She sais the cops came on a tip that there were weapons in her house. Apparently they took the place apart, didn't actually show the warrant until they were done searching (illegal), and the only thing they found was an heirloom .22 from her mother-in-law, which was locked in a safe and doesn't work anyway.

"Now my reputation in the neighborhood is hurt," she said.

"Not with me," I told her. She wanted to know when the next CAPS meeting was. I believe it's June 6. That ought to be interesting.

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