Wednesday, June 29, 2005

The Heat is On

It's hot. Over ninety every day for the last two weeks or more. No rain until last night. Everybody has windows open, fans going. I'm the only one I hear with a central a/c unit whining all the time. Most folks are lucky if they can afford a room unit--there's a few of them that have sprouted in the windows, including next door at Mr. Married's and across the street.

Last night three little boys from the south end of the block asked if they could use my spigot during the day to fill up water balloons. It broke my heart to tell them no, but I did, adding that we can do it on Friday since I have the day off. I don't want kids in my yard unsupervised when I'm not home, but I hate having my a/c and my spigot going to waste all day. Hmmm....

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Lisa said...

Hi "Maritza"! I think the telenovela scene is the one with the couple on the plastic sofa. Am I right?? Am I??

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