Monday, June 25, 2007

Cornell Park Soccer

...wasn't quite what I was hoping for. Joey was the only one who showed up, though some other kids had already registered. They gave us a registration form and he and I filled it out together, except for the part for a parent's signature. There was a pickup game going on at the far end of the park, so I suggested he go play.

While Joey was playing pickup soccer since the official soccer wasn't happening, I had to get on a conference call for something work-related. So wow, I'm a fake soccer mom! On a conference call in the park while the kids play soccer. Whoda thunk you'd see that in Cornell Park? Joey did a pretty good job as goalie, then they let him play forward for a while.

The unfortunate wrinkle about playing from 2:30 to 3:30 is it is sunny and hot. Joey got a little wiped out from the heat and sun, so he bowed out and lay down under the tree where I was listening in on my call. I didn't have much to say on this call, so I could go get him water. I just hope they didn't hear all the kid noise when I went in the field house to get a cup.

Apparently Cornell Park has two gyms for basketball and such, but no weight room. It has a pool, too. Swimming lessons are free. I should ask if Joey wants to do that. He wants to box but it's full at Davis Square and Cornell doesn't offer it. I asked him if he wanted to do karate, but he said no. Shoot.

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John Stoner said...

A tip for conferencing on a cell phone: figure out how to mute it. Very important. One time I was on a conference call in a cafe someplace, and their espresso machine kicked in. After it was done, they were joking that the aliens had tried to block the call. Whoops.

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