Thursday, October 04, 2007

More on Health and Pollution

For today's poster, who also expressed interest in what's spewing out of the stacks in the stockyards, here's a group that might be able to help us do research:
the Little Village Environmental Justice Organization.

I met one of their organizers last winter when a group of maybe 50 people were outside EPA's local headquarters protesting.


Anonymous said...

Well for now since its just you and I; we could definitley have a meeting with LVEJO and ask find out how they could help us out in this matter. I know that you stated that you were very busy but if we dont act now nobody is going to come to our community and help out. I could call them and set up a meeting and both you and i can start this initiative!

I just finished reading some of their campaigns and they do have a grasp on a lot of new technology such as GIS (Geographic Information Systems) which would be a great way to analyze how far away the smell penetrates and of-course the contaminant levels of the smell or toxins in the air.

How about if we get together next weekend hopefully on Sunday because i will not be in this weekend! We can talk about a time and place during the week?

Maritza said...

Sorry, I'm out of town next weekend.

I hope I will be at the next Peace and Education meeting--third Wednesday at Chavez, 10 a.m., I believe--and perhaps we could meet in person then. Remember, we haven't met yet!

49th St. Neighbor said...

OK cool, we can definitely meet at the Peace and Education meeting. I am going to see if i have time to meet with a representative from LVEJO and get their input on what is the process of taking air samples in the community.

Hey by the way were you at Mass on Thursday, where they blessed the animals at St. Joseph's church? it was really nice and i was surprised by the turn-out, very cool i might add!

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