Thursday, May 14, 2009

15th Birthday and Mother's Day Surprise

Well, I have fallen behind again. Earlier this month, a buddy of one of the Brady Girls invited me to her quinceanos (15th birthday party). She didn't even tell me it was her birthday! She just said, "We're having a party at my house this Sunday. I hope you can come." Then I forgot, and she and Brady Girl called me that afternoon and reminded me. Whew!

Although the Wikipedia article I linked to above makes much of the traditional Church ceremony and formal reception, what the girls I know actually do for their 15th birthdays varies widely, for a mix of reasons. Brady Girl herself already turned 15, but it was in the winter and her parents suggested they hold the party until the summer when it would be more fun and it could be outside. Brady's buddy did not get all dressed up, nor did she have a church ceremony-perhaps her family is not all that active at church, I don't know. But her dad works in a restaurant, so they had nice servingware and great food out on a table in the backyard, plus a DJ. Dawn never had a 15th birthday--her parents were too broke. They suggested a sweet sixteen instead, but by then I think her dad may have been moving out and they had other things on their minds. I was thinking about having a graduation party for her but at the moment, she's not graduating. (But she may yet be--more on that below.)

Also, I know some churches insist that girls complete all their sacraments before they can become a quinceanera. For families who aren't all that regular about church, that's a big barrier to a formal ceremony.

Meanwhile, a girl on the other side of the block had the whole nine yards for her party a year or two ago. I stood on the street with some younger girls and watched the big stretch limo pull up and all the girls in dresses and guys in suits get in it.

Meanwhile, back at Brady's Friend's bash, the big highlight was her friends slamming her face in the birthday cake. This is a Mexican birthday custom that I admit I have never understood. Everyone thinks it's hilarious. I'm one of those meanies who does chuckle watching other people subject themselves to this, but would hate it if someone did it on my birthday.

Now for the Mother's Day surprise. I actually spent last weekend out on the East Coast with family (including spending time with my mom for Mother's Day). But yesterday I ran into Dawn's mom and she went in the house and emerged with a bouquet of flowers for the mom-to-be from her daughter. They're on my kitchen table. I left her a thank-you message and said, "Let's talk about getting you back in school." She saw me the same weekend as the quinceanos and said she's ready to find a school now. Stay tuned.

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