Sunday, August 02, 2009

Block Party 2009

Well, this year's block party went off pretty well. The weather was cool and it sprinkled a bit, but it didn't prevent us from doing any of the activities. The mask-making was definitely the best part. I couldn't watch it too carefully--we were setting up the food then, which was a bit of a production, but the kids could paint and use a variety of interesting materials. They made 3D objects as well as masks. My favorite was Brady Bughunter's boat--he made something with a long (maybe four feet?) broomstick in the middle. You probably could tie a sail on it and float it somewhere.

Hopefully I will have pictures soon and post them. I know the kids had more fun last year because it was hotter and we had the jumping jack and water balloons, but I was just happy it went off calmly and everyone had a good time. "It was lovely," Jay-Z's dad told me afterwards.

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