Sunday, July 22, 2007

Making Dirt

Well, it only took me three years to get a composter, but there is finally an Earth Machine sitting at the bottom of the back stairs. It's about three feet high and two feet in diameter, made of black plastic.

"What's that for?" Joey asked me.

"It's for making dirt."

"What kind of dirt?"

"The kind like in my boxes, for growing stuff you can eat."

"Oh," he said, and went off to play.

Dawn's mother wanted to know if it would attract flies. It's not supposed to, if you do it right. Hope I get it right. There are enough flies in the backyard already.

But it's great to have a way to keep the good stuff from the many tomato branches I've pruned in the last week or so. I must have two hundred tomatoes growing from six plants. Way to go, Seeds of Hope Farm! Also, I think it's the alfalfa or sprouts or whatever my friend Chuck was growing in his dirt before I got his dirt and garden boxes for my yard.

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