Friday, July 27, 2007

New Kids on the Block: Not Nice

I have called 911 at least three times this week, twice today. There was a dispute this morning, then Yup-yup was running around all high, and a few minutes ago there was some domestic disagreement a couple of houses away. I thought it was at the corner but it was actually closer.

About six weeks ago a bunch of new people moved in a house at the south-central part of the block and it's been downhill ever since. They hang out yelling and cursing til all hours, my neighbors to the south say there are problems with drug dealing, robbery and prostitution.

Tonight my new next door neighbor on the other side--a nice guy with a family who bought the house next door and redid the back yard beautifully--came by to tell me people are cutting through my yard in the daytime when I'm not home. They're not kids either--they're adults. I will have to figure out how to lock my front gate and still get my mail. I've been thinking about getting a PO Box downtown for business reasons anyway. Jeez.

It's amazing how quickly a block can backslide. And it's easy to see how hard it may be to bring it back.

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