Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Night Job

Apparently my night job as social worker, or at least information and referral specialist, to the 5000 block of South Marshfield is really booming business. Yup-yup's sometime girlfriend/prostitute stopped by a few minutes ago to tell me her mother died in July and the funeral was today. She lost a son within the last year, too. She is still interested in drug treatment--she mentioned this a couple of weeks ago. Yay! A social worker friend of mine recommended Thresholds treatment program near 63rd and Kedzie.

I explained Thresholds and the program to her--Thresholds works with people who are homeless and have problems with mental illness and/or drug addiction. "That's me," she said, "I've got all three." Hope that means she can get in.

But wait, there's more.
School Lady down the block called while I was on vacation last week. I thought this was going to be about more trouble on the block, but when I stopped by her house tonight on the way home from work, she asked me for help about her oldest daughter, who apparently is running wild in various ways. A while ago I met a social worker down here who would be perfect for this situation but have lost her info and had to email someone else to get it. Hope I remember right how I met her and the info comes through.

This all happened within two hours of my second night home from vacation. Plus, a neighbor up the street is looking for a good lawyer to sue the hell out of contractor for a crappy job they did on some house project. The fun never ends around here.

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