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Wednesday, April 02, 2008

LiveBlogging: Medicine Man Helps with Homework

Thank God for Medicine Man! Junior has to do some science homework about the periodic table and atomic numbers. I have a deadline and I don't remember a thing about this stuff, so Medicine Mas has stepped up to the plate.

MM:What is that one?

J: 17

What's the name?


MM: Chlorine.

[Another one.]

Oscar: Chromium?

MM: Chromium. It's a heavy metal.

MM: What would the next one be?

Oscar: Cu?

Yeah, copper.

MM: Chemical symbol is just another way to say abbreviation.

MM: What if I told you alumnium is a metal? [He picks up a Coke can.] It's made of a very very light metal.

All these boxes, all these elements can be found in nature every day. We're made of elements.

Oscar: You said that's made of metal. Gold..that's kind of hard to squish. How come this is easier.

MM: Not all metals are hard. Some metals are harder than others. If this were made out of steel, it would be hard to crush. Aluminum is a softer, more pliable metal.

OK, now I have to get to work. Big props and a big shout out to Medicine Man!

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