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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Gun on the Block; Neighbors Step Up

Earlier today, someone down at the south end of the block walked out of his house and had an argument with someone else from the next block north. Our neighbor went back in his house and came out with a gun. He aimed at the other party walking away. Probably a dozen children were on the street between him and his target, according to neighbors.

I was inside the house with one of the Brady Girls when I heard voices shouting outside. Sarah was in my yard, so I made her come inside while I found out what was happening. Adults on the street were yelling at the guy to put the gun away, couldn't he see there were children in the street, etc. etc. I went back in the house with the girls.

Amidst all this, the police were called and given an exact address, so the next time I came back out there was a paddy wagon and a squad car at the end of the block. Officers were knocking on the door.

Sarah's dad was going down that way looking for her. Oops! I went after him and told him and the relevant Brady Dad that their girls were in my house, out of harm's way.

We went back to looking at pictures of flowers and lions on the computer. Whew.

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