Saturday, March 14, 2009

Big Picture High School Fundraiser March 27

Big Picture is holding a series of events this spring, with the goal of raising $10,000 in scholarship money for its last graduating class.

The kickoff event will be held March 27, 9 p.m. to midnight, at Soiree, 2438 N. Lincoln. For $35, you get a wristband that entitles you to appetizers and a premium open bar featuring Grey Goose, Ketel One and Bacardi. A portion of the wristband proceeds will go to the Big Picture scholarship fund.


Anonymous said...

Please keep blogging, I'm really interested in it. I grew up in that neighborhood for a few years anyway until it turned into the mess it is now...... used to live on Wolcott, a haunted street..... I don't even think I can bring my kids there now a days to show them where I used to live. I commend you for having the bravery to be a white chick living in that neighborhood........... LM

Maritza said...

Thanks for your comment, LM. Things are tough here, but there are a lot of fine families who are still here, too, working hard and trying to make it. That often gets overshadowed by the terrible headlines.

I'd say coming for a visit in broad daylight, like early on a Saturday afternoon, should be OK, but obviously you have to decide what you feel comfortable exposing your children to.

Anonymous said...

I live in Texas now so maybe I'll check it out next time I go back to visit. My parents just about lost a house there, had to abandon it. They live on the northwest side of town now. I'm sure there's alot of really good people there, that's what's so sad... have you ever considered moving?

Maritza said...

Interesting you asked if I've thought about moving. I just ran into someone last night who hadn't seen me for a while and thought I must have moved out.

Given the state of the real estate market, I don't think I'm going anywhere for a few more years at least. But keep watching this blog--sometime next month I'm likely to post more on that very question.

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