Monday, April 20, 2009

Marshfield Avenue High School Admissions Report

Well, all three of the guys I helped with applications this year are going to Noble Network schools. Peter Pan is going to Noble Street HS; Oldest Brady Boy is going to Rauner; I'm not sure which one of those Peter Pan's brother is going to, but he's in at one of them. Peter Pan was saying at the barbecue Saturday that he got into Rauner first, then they called and said he had gotten into Noble from the wait list. He switched, but he's having second thoughts. He had wanted to go to Noble Street all along--someone in his family knew about it; they used to live up that way--but with his best bud (Oldest Brady Boy) going to Rauner, that probably has some pull, too.

However, he can't diddle around about it. "Pick and stick," I told him.

I get the feeling Peter Pan's older sister is in a jam about school. Her grades have never been the greatest, and much as I'm reluctant to say it, she may not be the sharpest knife in the drawer. She started off liking Perspectives, but when I ask her about it now, she kind of shrugs. She had said back in January she wanted to transfer. When I asked her what was up about school on Saturday, I got another shrug. I'm afraid she may be at Richards in the fall, which wouldn't do much for her chances of graduating, I don't think.

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