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Thursday, September 06, 2007

Breaking News--A Happy Midnight Visitor

You may recall that Yup-yup's girlfriend stopped by in August and I gave her a referral because she wanted to get treatment. Well, she's going for it. She came by a few minutes ago with a paper which I now forget where it was from--not Thresholds (where I referred her) but maybe public health? She looked clean and seemed calm and explained she is out through the weekend but they are trying to get her into an in-patient drug treatment program. She needed a contact number and address--her social worker wants to talk to someone who knows her out in her real life--so I gave it to her. A little scary.

It was easier with Priscilla, who just disappeared once she was up and ready for treatment.

She says she is going to stay with her sister until she can get into an inpatient program. I hope so. I hope she wasn't bullshitting me and about to relapse.

As she was leaving she said, "I'm sorry I came through the neighbors' yard, but I thought you'd want to know about this."

"You were right," I told her.

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