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Sunday, September 09, 2007

News from the Hood

This is the third night in a row I've called 311 to get the streetlights back on. They are out from Ashland to Paulina, and 51st to the viaduct at 48th.

My friend the prostitute stopped by yesterday afternoon. I am very much afraid she is relapsing.

In happier news, at Holy Cross today Fr. Bruce announced the Board of Education has promised our new high school in Back of the Yards will be built by 2010. There was a board report over the summer making it official that the site will be near 47th and Hoyne, if I remember correctly. I'll post a link soon.

Also, it sounds like the idea of putting a Chicago Public Library branch in the Goldblatt's building at Ashland and 47th is not dead yet. Stay tuned....


Anonymous said...


Here's the link:

I don't think the HS is scheduled to open until 2011. The Board report only authorizes the Board to begin negotiations with the seller (who I believe is willing). Either way, acquisition takes a long time, environmental clean-up, construction, yada yada yada.

~ Tocqueviller

Maritza said...

Thanks, Tocqueviller, for the link to the board report. I think at church we heard they expect to be done by 2010, but maybe that means a 2010-2011 school year opening.

Anonymous said...

I'd say the chances of the high school opening before Fall 2011 are very close to zero. Not to put a downbeat vibe on the project. To the contrary, BOTY is one of only a few communities getting a new high school, and I'm thrilled for the area.

I'm also somewhat ignorant to the existing use of the property south of 47th, north of 49th, west of Hoyne, east of the railroad tracks.

Looks like an assortment of junkyard, used car lot, some type of food equipment distributor and chemical company (?).

~ Tocqueviller

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