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Monday, March 24, 2008

Back of the Yards Entrepreneurs in Trib

Check out Jesse Iñiguez and Rolando Santoyo's t-shirt business, No Manches, which got a mention in Sunday's Chicago Tribune Style section. To read the story, click here.

You can order their hilarious t-shirts online at their website (linked above) or head over to Pilsen and buy them in real life at OMD, the hip new clothing store on 18th Street. Or, for more virtual reality, check out OMD Chicago's web site, where the home page features Jesse and Rolando (seated, bottom row) with a bunch of other people, showing off the t-shirts.

I got Junior and his brother and their dad some No Manches t-shirts for Christmas. His dad is a landscaper, so of course he got the "Mow Your Own Lawn" shirt. The boys got "Juan Deere" and "The United States of Mexico" with the now U.S. Southwest included. Check them out for yourself!

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