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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

From Our Readers

The Marshfield Tattler received its first fan letter recently, from a former Back of the Yards resident now living in Florida. Here's an excerpt:

Although I've lived in FL since the early 70's, I still consider myself a Chicagoan. I happened to have the good fortune to run across your Marshfield Tattler blog. I grew up Back Of The Yards; originally we lived on 47th and Throop and I attended St. John of God's parochial school. As I grew to a teenager, in the mid-1960's, I "branched out" into other areas of BOTY with a large portion of my teen years being spent on the northeast corners of 49th and Hermitage and 49th and Marshfield.

Those years I spent in BOTY were the best of my life; I always seem to find myself going back there in my mind whenever I can muster a few spare moments in my now too-busy life. Therefore, it's quite interesting to me to compare my recollections of those times with the snapshots of the neighborhood that you present on your blog. You seem to love your neighborhood as much as I do. Please continue your writings, and we'll keep reading. Many thanks for the slices of life in BOTY!

Also, a neighbor over on 49th and Hermitage sent this sad item:

I am attaching a link about a 24 year old man [from] 48th and Wood who was tasered and died because of the shock. I always drive by that street and it is so sad that this keeps on happening in our neighborhood.

To see the story in today's Tribune, click here.

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Anonymous said...

I guess the mid-1960's were the best years to live in BOTY because from what i could remember back in the 90's there were nothing but shootings and killings.

Back then there were actually more gangs that used to roam our streets. Every other block used to have their own gangs and crews that often fought for either drug turf or because it was the thing to do on a boring night!

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