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Thursday, March 06, 2008

Marwen Report

So, tonight was Joey's last class of the quarter at Marwen. I borrowed Medicine Man's car and drove him up there. When I came back at 7 to pick him up, he was the last one still working on an illustration. (He told me later he and a friend spent a half hour in class playing a video game or something, so he was catching up.)

He had made a three-dimensional head of a Joker-like creature and put it on a background with the word Joker in graffiti behind the head. The colors were weird and scary, and its teeth were semi-formed and terrifying. His teacher told me he had done a great job on its hair, which you couldn't see very well in the 2-D drawing. His teacher will be displaying them as 3-D animations for the Marwen student show at the end of the month, and they will spin around on the screen, so I'll be able to see the back of the Joker's head then.

"He had a number of exhibit-worthy animations," the teacher told me. I was very psyched.

I hope he decides to take another class next quarter. He tells me Peter Pan wants to go, too. We'll see if we can make this happen. As long as Medicine Man's car is around, we might as well get some use out of it.

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