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Thursday, March 06, 2008

This Just In

In case you missed the update to the March 4 post, two clarifications:

1) The young man being chased by the police early Sunday morning was captured by police but not killed. He was apparently driving a stolen car around 6:30 a.m. when police started chasing him westward from 47th & Halsted. The car crashed at 47th and Wood. After the cops fired three shots, the driver got out and appeared to be ready to turn himself in, but then he jumped back in the car and managed to restart it. Police gave chase to 43rd and Paulina, where they caught him. No one else was injured.

2) Some inside poop the papers didn't give about the death of 18-year-old Jose Ignacio Garcia Barrera. My sources say he was shot at 48th and Seeley, then driven to where the police found him. They also say he was caught in a trap over a girl, drugs, or both.

In happier news, yesterday I was able to arrange for free tickets for a group of 20 or so to go to the Museum of Science and Industry over Chicago Public Schools spring break. Medicine Man is asking his Americorps buddies if a couple of them will help us chaperone. We should have up to four or five young people from Su Casa and the rest from here on Marshfield.

It seems like such a small effort in the face of all the heavy stuff going down here, but better to do the small step than none at all.

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