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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Announcements and Upcoming Events

A couple more items from last week's Peace and Education Coalition meeting.

Mobile C.A.R.E. is looking for office space. They need about 2500 square feet of free or cheap space. I'm forgetting the geographic boundaries in which they are looking, but I think south of Roosevelt and east of Kedzie were part of it. If anyone reading this is interested, try the web site link above for contact info.

Also, this Thursday at 6 p.m. at Holy Cross there will be a meeting about the discipline and security issues at Richards High School. I posted about this last November, in "Death to the Disciples!"

Getting this meeting organized and publicized seems like a giant step forward in school-community relations for Richards. They don't post their LSC meetings out front of the school. School Lady from the end of the block, whose daughter is a sophomore there, told me she's frustrated with the LSC but my Spanish wasn't strong enough to pick out exactly what problems she's observed thus far. She's not even sure exactly who's on it, and this is someone who has been very active and committed to Chavez Elementary. If she can't figure it out I don't know who can.

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