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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Yup-Yup calls the cops

For real! I got home late this evening and heard some loud noise, including Yup-yup's voice. I considered calling the cops but it subsided quickly. Then my doorbell rang.

"Miss Maritza, before you yell at me, it's an emergency. I called the po-lice. They tried to jump me for my lawnmower," he told me. Sure enough, there was a lawnmower sitting on the sidewalk in front of Dawn's house.

"I'm 45 years old. I'm too old to be doing this," he added, raising his fist to indicate fighting. He says some young guys down the block tried to get him to sell drugs but he said no and then they wanted to jump him for his lawnmower. Given that he's unhurt and his lawnmower is still here and he looked like he might be high, I'm not sure this is all for real.

But sure enough sure enough, a cop car pulled up after he'd finished spilling his entire story to me in hyperactive detail. He went over and leaned in the window and started the spiel all over again. At that point I just went back in the house.

While we were talking, I asked him if he knew what was up with the street brawl Sunday night, but he clearly had no idea.

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