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Friday, April 13, 2007

Phone Wars

Someone named Blanche from Ald. Coleman's office left two messages yesterday, inviting me to her monthly meeting tomorrow morning. No, she didn't offer any cash, in case you wondered. But she was very hopeful that I would attend and she reminded me to vote Tuesday. She was a real person and I'm guessing she got mixed up in her lists; thus I got called twice.

Meanwhile, Joann Thompson's recorded voice left me a message and reminded me to vote Tuesday. Just an observation: no live human being from her campaign has ever called me.

Oh, and someone took a poll last night or the night before. This time just one question: "If the election were held tomorrow, who would you vote for, Joann Thompson or Shirley Coleman?" I told them, but I'm not telling you. I asked the questioner who had commissioned the poll, which threw her for a loop, but then she just said she represents whatever company was conducting the poll and that was that.

On the email front, Big Picture is having a meeting tomorrow to talk about how to stay open.

Alas, I have a hot date with my taxes tomorrow and won't be at anybody's meetings for any reason. I'm hoping to be done in time to go to Julian Jr's birthday party at 4.

Sadly, our ward race did not make the Reader's last Aldermania column. I notice a growing number of Coleman signs in windows on my block--from one to three. None are up for Thompson.

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