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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Runoff Update: ACORN Gets in the Game

Last night there was a pink flyer stuck in my gate when I got home. One side has a big photo of Joann Thompson with SEIU Local 880 President Helen Miller and other officers. Two are wearing "Fighting for a Living Wage" t-shirts.

The other side bears the headline: ACORN Political Action Committee News
What's going on in the 16th Ward?

The flyer asks a version of my earlier question about Hal Baskin and Shirley Coleman: "Why is Shirley Coleman, who runs against Hal Baskin every election, hanging out with Hal Baskin?" The flyer says she has been seen driving around the neighborhood with him and he managed security for a meeting she held at her church last summer. I have no idea if either of these statements are true.

Then the flyer speculates why this is going on: "Were Shirley and Hal Baskin trying to set it up so that when there is a runoff, it was between Shirley Coleman and Hal Baskin? Then we all run to Shirley and vote for her, because we don't want to hand the ward over to Hal and his friends. Has this all been a big game all this time?" Interesting questions.

The flyer also alleges Coleman paid people to attend her meetings. It implies people didn't know about them. If they mean her monthly ward meetings, she does put the word out about them-her flyers are stuck in my fence pretty regularly-so that's not a fair charge. I've been to a few and I never got paid. Maybe I'm just a chump and missed out on my chance to eat at the trough. Who knows?


Anonymous said...

I never got paid either and i attended a few meetings that the alderman has held jeez i guess were not in the in crowd. These type of political games have to stop and WE as the concerned citizens should ask the real questions regarding the issues at hand, the sad part is that both of these candidate cannot answer with specifics on the issues!

Maritza, if possible can you just tell me what type of work do you do? Maybe in the next election you can run for office!!! Just a thought....

Have a great day,
Thy Neighbor

Maritza said...

Well, neighbor, you could think about running next time, too. Thanks for your comments. I agree I would rather have heard more solid specifics from the candidates about their plans for the ward.

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