Thursday, May 03, 2007

Dawn Bats .500, So Far

Great news--Dawn got accepted to the Road Less Traveled!! I think she's going on the Ridges and Rapids trip in late June. She told me while we were waiting for the bus this afternoon to go up north for a teen self defense class sponsored by Thousand Waves Martial Arts.

I asked her what her parents thought about it and she said, "It doesn't feel real yet." They are waiting to get their packet of info about the trip with all the details. (She and I looked at the viewbook while she was doing the application. I don't know how closely her parents have been paying attention.) The parent materials for the trip probably aren't in Spanish. Just getting her from here to Belmont with a permission slip for a two-hour class was a bit of a production. Well, hey, we'll figure it out. It will be so great when she goes.

The not-as-great news today was that the first event for the "Crossing Boundaries" Youth Innovation grant was kind of a bust in terms of bringing in students from other schools. Dawn told me they got a late start recruiting, and their efforts were rebuffed by some neighborhood schools, who had the attitude, "Why are you recruiting our kids when you're going to close?" Someone actually told them they couldn't pass out flyers on the sidewalk in front of a school.

Over the weekend hopefully Dawn and I can start to figure out this one, too. Just starting earlier and spreading the word among the right parents probably would go a long way toward solving some of those problems.

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