Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Street Cleaning

Well, the block looks nice now, since the street cleaners came yesterday and today. They did our side of the street yesterday. I picked up some trash this morning on this side in hopes that both sides would look equally nice for at least 30 seconds sometime today.

State Rep. Esther Golar keeps nagging me about the sorry state of my block. "Your block looks terrible," she's told me twice now. She's right.

Daphne just rang my bell. She's the lady who hangs with Yup-yup. Perhaps she's not going to hang with him so much any more. She just told me a story of letting him into the place she's currently staying. "He wanted five dollars and I said I didn't have it. He started acting the fool and stole 20,30 dollars. Now they're gonna jump me if I don't get that money back."

I gave her the five I had stashed for church on Sunday because I thought this info was worth it, among other things. "So, you're not gonna let him in any more, are you?"

"I'm not," she said. "You know, I'm telling you straight up he's using drugs."

"I know that."

Daphne must be staying in the same building where Mr. Dog Friendly lives. I saw him on Saturday and he said there was some new "riff-raff" in the building causing trouble.

There's been a lot of noise on the street. None of it has quite escalated to the point where I thought a police call was in order, but it's not good. Yesterday Yup-yup and Mr. Worrisome got into a shouting match in front of the guys from Peoples Gas. I'm not sure if it was a Yup-yup vs Worrisome WWF Shoutdown or if they were fighting on the same said against the new and rather challenging crew at the end of the block. I had to step out the door and look them all down, it got so loud. Fortunately it was ending by then.

As Daphne was walking away, I said, "So now that the street looks nice, would you try to help me keep it that way?"

"I'll try my best," she said.

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