Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Farmers Market Sunday

I've been meaning to post about Seeds of Hope Farm, where lots of kids from Back of the Yards have been tending greenhouse vegetable seedlings.

There will be a farmers market Sunday in the Holy Cross parking lot where people can purchase vegetable and flower seedlings to plant in their home gardens. I ordered a boatload of tomatoes, flowers and herbs to kick-start my garden this weekend!

If you'd like to order, I'd suggest calling the rectory and asking them to fax you a form. I think there will be some for sale not pre-ordered on Sunday, but I didn't want to take the chance.

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musafir said...

On this somewhat wintry morning one's thoughts are not about planting a summer garden. But come to think of it the warm days are not too far away. I have a pocket-size garden in which I grow herbs (I like to cook). Fall bulbs do well...and sweet peas -- blooming now. Don't do very well with tomatoes. End up enjoying them when they are at their best
from local farmers' markets.

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