Thursday, May 31, 2007

Peace & Education Fundraiser

This year's fundraiser was well attended. Mayor Daley made an appearance for the second year in a row. We honored 9th District Cmdr. Eugene Roy, who was very gracious and accepted the Arturo Velasquez award "on behalf of all the men and women who wear a star in the 9th district." Aldermen present included Willie Cochran, Pat Dowell and Rick Munoz. Cochran and Dowell bid on silent auction items and won.

This year we had remarks from local students, including scholarship winner Selene from the college students group. She just graduated from DePaul and is going on for her MSW at Loyola.

Oh, I especially enjoyed when Mayor Daley was talking about the scholarship recipients and saying, "They will go on to be elected officials." I happened to be standing next to Jesse Iniguez, who ran for the 12th Ward seat this February. He didn't win a lot of votes, but he's got many more years left to give it a go.

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