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Sunday, August 24, 2008

After the Deluge

Well, I finally faced up to the soggy boxes in my basement this weekend. Yesterday afternoon and this morning I surveyed the wreckage. It was worse than I thought. Pretty much everything directly on the floor was wet and moldy. I've tossed most of it. There was one dry patch toward the basement windows where some boxes survived wet-free, and boxes atop other boxes seem to have fared OK.

I lost one suitcase full of clothes-mostly t-shirts, a few seem salvageable and are drying out in my back yard, but mostly it was a lot of old papers and journals.

They say if you haven't opened or looked in a box in over a year, you should throw it out sight unseen. Although I peeked in a couple of them, many were so far gone I didn't bother looking. Perhaps getting rid of that stuff is the silver lining from those crazy rain clouds.

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