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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Jumping Jim's Juice

On my way home this afternoon I was biking down Ashland Avenue and discovered Jumping Jim's Juice is now open. I've been watching this place get ready. It's a little juice stand at Ashland and 36th, on the west side of the street. It's got that tropical theme going--palm thatch roof and coconuts in the sign. They've taken over a chunk of the sidewalk with outdoor seating. There's still enough room to get by, though, so I can't complain. And when it's not busy you can walk your bike right up to the window, sit on a tall chair and not even lock the bike up.

The guy behind the window was hired two weeks ago and it was his first time there without the owner. He managed just fine. Someone else walked up after I got my order. The guy told me it does get busy around lunchtime, and that city workers have begun calling in orders as they come down Ashland and the orders are ready by the time they arrive.

I had the Liquid Gold smoothie: peaches, pineapple, mango, lemon, orange juice and banana. It was good. Good thing I had that, since dinner at Junior's ended up consisting of a few shreds of iceberg lettuce, but mostly cheese, chicken, beef and tortillas.

I sure hope these guys make it--it's the first thing with a menu of mostly fruit, vegetable and salad offerings I've seen in a two-mile radius of my house.


Anonymous said...

I went there today, Been waiting for it to open finally forever, had a great time, I am so glad to have a place like this near me as well

Maritza said...

Hey, thanks for letting me know they've opened for the 2009 season. I went by there the other day and they weren't open yet. I'll have to stop by soon.

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