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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Quick Hits

School Lady's oldest daughter, Meg, is going for orientation at Lozano Alternative High School tomorrow. Yeah! Her next oldest daughter, Jo, did Freshman Connection at Kennedy this summer and liked it. Hope that helps her get off to a good start.

The corner is still a problem. Bob the Builder wants to come to next week's CAPS meeting if he can. He may have a conflict. One of the guys up there stopped me in the street and asked if he could be my friend. "What kind of friend?" I inquired. We eventually settled on the idea that we'd talk another day and I said I was looking for help taking care of the traffic circle.

Junior starts school next week. He's been working on his math. His mom is going to see if he can get homework help after school. His little brother will go to an after-school program at St. Joe's.

My doorbell has been ringing nonstop for the last hour and I have a deadline. Mr. Worrisome appears to be drunk or high, and now Dorothy is at the door. I refuse to answer to either of them. These people are driving me crazy!

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