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Friday, August 22, 2008

Brighton Park Shout Out

OK, since I'm still kinda on vacation, let me encourage you all to hit the warehouse over on Talman in Brighton Park tomorrow and pick up some yummy cheese. The warehouse folks' email also lists some other cool places to check out in the neighborhoods, so I'll pass on to you what they passed on to me. I may have to head out to La Palapa at 34th & Damen for some ceviche myself. Here goes:

Cheese at our Warehouse !!

We are back. Our warehouse is open to you this Saturday.

August 23rd

September 6th

September 20th

And then every other Saturday

What time: 9 am to 1 pm

Where: At our warehouse

4727 S. Talman , Chicago 60632 ( between Western and California

Avenues )

Parking: Lots of free street parking

Taste and then cruise the racks in our warehouse for much more. All for sale at “wholesale” pricing.

What Else !!

Leah Zeldes suggested that I tell you what else there is to do in our area when you come out to our warehouse for cheese. So here it is:

La Palapa

2000 W. 34th Street


This little concrete block structure is about the size of a garage. Nestled against the south slope of the Damen and Archer underpass it goes almost unnoticed and when it is seen most think it is part of the Huck Finn’s donut shop. Get closer and you’ll see that 34th street is like a border. In this instance you have to change the expression to “north of the border” when you walk into the gravel lot in front of La Palapa and amongst the shaggy umbrella tables. Mexican music , a sunny afternoon, cool wine stowed in the cooler at your feet, some of the best Mexican seafood around. Shrimp cocktails, shrimp empanadas, grilled calamari with garlic and chiles, fresh oysters, seviche and so much more. You can’t eat everything you’ll order but you’ll order it all anyway. The waitress won’t mind that you’ve “snuck in” your own wine because you’re discrete. You’ll be amazed at how much delicious seafood $30 buys for two people in this remarkable cantina.

Tom Tom Tamales

4750 S. Washtenaw

Chicago, IL 60632


Chicago’s most famous tamale. Since the nineteen-fifties these are the tamales that have been served in every Greek hotdog and hamburger stand in the City as well as from just about every pushcart. Back then the vendor kept the tamales in the steaming compartment with the buns. This “secret” gave the buns that little extra mysterious flavor.

You can pre-order by calling in or stop in and order from two sign boards which also list other Chicago food treasures such as: Mary Ann bakery buns, chili, hamburgers, hotdogs, Italian Beef and condiments. This is where to get your green day-glo hotdog relish known as piccalilli. All you’ll need to supply is you own pushcart.

Fronczak Hardware

2606 W. 47th Street


Three store fronts wide, front to back, side to side, top to bottom, two full basements and two garages. Hardly enough space to walk. This old time hardware store is the real deal. They have just about everything and Edward Kowynia and his wife know everything there is to know about their stock and trade. Just a few blocks away a Home Depot opened recently and now this Mom-and-Pop is struggling a bit. They say they have “good days and bad days”. Check this old fashioned hardware store out while you still can.

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