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Friday, January 18, 2008

Mysteries and Kudos

The big mystery on my mind this week: did Joey make it to Marwen? I'm out of town on business, so I don't know. He called me the day before his class and said his dad would take him, so I told Medicine Man he was off the hook this week. I'll find out when I get home Sunday. Stay tuned.

It's interesting--I'm staying with a high school friend and his family in Columbus, Ohio during this business trip. They are contemplating sending their twin preschool-aged boys to a fancy private school. I listen to their mother with half an ear open and think about Joey, danny, Junior and the rest with the other.

Quite frankly, I wish we could just reverse things so the kids who really needed all that private school stuff got it and the more together families stayed in public school. I guess I'm a communist or something equally awful.

Meanwhile, on the kudos, a friend/colleague emailed today to tell me Marshfield Tattler is among Chicago Magazine's picks for best local blogs. Whoo-hoo! Thanks to you, dear readers and linkers, for giving it the visibility to make this possible. The story's not on line yet, but I'll post the link when it is.

Happy weekend, all!

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