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Saturday, January 26, 2008

UIC/Noble Today

Yesterday I tried to work the block. I called Junior's house and his dad answered the phone. They sounded interested, but his dad said they would call me back to confirm yes for sure. Then I went to Christina's house, but nobody was home. Then I went to see School Lady and her 8th grader. Her little sister and her dad were home, so I gave them the time and address for today.

I RSVP-d to UIC College Prep to say I had one family for sure and possibly two more. But I only got the answering machine, so I was a little worried maybe they had already left (it was 4:30 on Friday when I called) and they had given up. But I figured I should just try to get as many people to go as I could, and just show up.

Later, I went to the Brady's and knocked upstairs. Their younger daughter/sister, now in 8th grade, had Christina's number. Her mom said they would go--she'd drive. I was really happy about that. They had been at the session yesterday morning. One of the older girls, who goes to Rauner, helped explain the school. They got a family on Paulina to apply.

Junior called me last night to say they would go, but my cell phone ran out of battery so I got the message this morning. I called and they said Junior and his mom could drive me over with them. (Whew!--Medicine Man's not here so I couldn't use the car.)

We got there early, about 9:30. Fortunately someone was there working, and let us in. (Thanks, Marty! Afterwards, Junior and his mom were surprised and pleased you spoke Spanish with them.) They held the meeting in a UIC office building on Halsted just south of Roosevelt. The school will be near UIC Medical Center, by Ashland and Polk, which would make it reasonably easy to get to from here--hopefully it would be an easy walk from the Ashland bus.

The principal, Mr. Sicat, arrived at 10. He was great, very energetic and personable, and didn't seem to mind we only had one family present. He spoke a little Spanish, and I translated summary versions of things for Junior's mom. He explained how Noble Network schools work in terms of uniform and discipline--Junior's mom really liked that. Junior got interested in the idea of learning more about medical careers. He actually helped translate at the hospital for his mom when she had to go to the emergency room for the ruptured placenta.

Mr. Sicat gave me a tip--it's possible to get students on the wait list for Noble Network schools through their main office. I'll have to try to do that for the kids who missed the session today, especially Danny and Christina.

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