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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Dorothy Alert

Dorothy has been missing for two weeks. Late last week (I think) Yup-yup asked if I had seen her. I said no. I was hoping this was good news--that she had gotten into residential treatment.

Well, she had. But she didn't stay there. Tonight the doorbell rang while Brady Girl was working on her Radio Arte application. I sent her to the door because I was proofreading her answers (believe it or not--I know I missed some things) and I assumed one of her sisters had come to fetch her.

Wrong. There was a big African-American guy from the Probation Department at the door, asking whether Dorothy lived at this address. I jumped up and went to explain. He told me that Dorothy had been in residential treatment, that she had chosen to leave against the advice of the program staff, and that she hasn't reported to her PO for nearly two weeks. If she doesn't report soon, a warrant will be issued for her arrest. He asked me to let her know if she turns up.

I said I would. "I'll pray for her," I added. I'm less concerned about the warrant and much more concerned that she might be dead.

Yup-yup has been gone for some time, too--I haven't heard him yelling. Joey even commented on this. He likes it now that it's quieter.

If Dorothy and Yup-yup are both gone, I don't know whether to be more or less worried for her safety. If she's alive and not in treatment I'm sure she'll be back on my doorstep eventually.

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