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Monday, May 12, 2008

Violence Intervention

Catholic Charities, like CeaseFire, is facing budget cuts, and one program that may get the axe is their Street Intervention Program here in Back of the Yards.

I can say from personal experience that when I don't know who to talk with about problems of violence and safety here on Marshfield Aveune, Oscar Contreras is someone who could at least listen, and often provide real help. I don't think we can afford to lose him.

Joey's mom found his new knife in the house last week. At least he hadn't taken it to school. She took it away and he got mad and cried. I talked to him later and he told me he is still afraid. We even made a map of who controls which blocks around ours and he explained where he feels safe and where he doesn't. He continues to insist he does not want to join a gang and that he did not take the knife to school. He is willing to take a self-defense class with me; now I have to find a good one.

Also last week, CeaseFire received a positive evaluation at the same moment Springfield continues to wrangle about funding it. The House has proposed not only restoring but doubling state money to CeaseFire, but the measure is stalled and Blagojevich continues to tout his shiny new plan, despite its lack of a real funding source or a track record. You can here all about it on this clip from WBEZ's 848 show, broadcast May 9.

And of course, while all this hooh-hah goes on in Springfield, young men die on Marshfield Avenue and their families are left to grieve. Jason Gill's funeral will be held this coming Saturday in Woodlawn.

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