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Friday, May 16, 2008

Fast Times Around Richards High

About 12:35 or so today, I was walking past Richards High School and saw three kids hanging out the first floor windows south of the main entrance. I believe it was two girls and a boy, looking down and talking to three or four young people (all male?) on the street below.

I clearly heard the name of the gang that controls that area mentioned in their conversation. No security was around, and if a teacher was in the room where kids were hanging out the windows, you certainly couldn't tell.

I called Oscar Contreras who said he would call his contacts at the school.

About an hour later, I passed by again. All was quiet out front. However, it's a nice spring Friday afternoon, which is the ideal time for stuff to break out after school. There were some older guys hanging in the alley across the street and a little south of the school when I went by. The other sight that just left me sad and mad was a boy who seemed barely in puberty driving by with his bass cranked up. You could barely see his head over the steering wheel. Unfortunately, I didn't get a license plate number or I would have called 911.

They dismiss in less than half an hour.

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