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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Mother's Day Cake

Sorry I'm a little behind on this. Here's the cake we baked and frosted in my kitchen on Thursday May 8. The oldest Brady girl, a 7th-grader (of the family with no kids in high school yet--there are two Brady families) was the driving force behind this project. She is very interested in learning how to do decorative icing. We did this one the easy way, with Wilton frosting tubes with the plastic screw-on tips. We got them via a couple of trips to Freehling Pot & Pan in Hyde Park, with side detours to Nichols Park. They really liked the playground equipment there.

The day of cake baking, Brady Mom loaned us a big foil pan because I don't have cake pans--I may remedy that at Freehling one of these days. Unfortunately we ended up breaking one of the beaters on my stand mixer while making the last of the cake batter. Despite these challenges--and one minor injury--the dozen or so girls and one boy who got in on the fun had a good time practicing decorating with frosting, and produced a pretty tasty cake. They were coached by School Lady's oldest daughter--we'll call her Meg--who was in the culinary program at Richards for a while. (More on that another day.) Mom Brady stopped by to check out the proceedings. I had cake batter all over the floor, but it was worth it.

Next time the girls want to try working with frosting the professional way--with pastry bags, couplers and metal tips. We got that stuff at Freehling, too, and supposedly we're going to try that this weekend, but that means making icing and now that I'm down one beater, whipping egg whites into stiff peaks becomes more of a challenge. We'll see whether I have the energy for this and whether I can rustle up the equipment.

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