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Thursday, May 08, 2008

One-Minute Political Rant

OK, can I just say that Rod Blagojevich has done it again? Two days ago he announced
a $150 million anti-violence initiative including summer jobs and after-school activities for young people. Sounds great, right?

As usual with the governor's bright ideas, everything about it is great except how we're going to pay for it. State Rep. Suzana Mendoza is quoted in this Sun-Times story calling the plan "a pipe dream." So far the $150 mil is supposed to come from selling the lottery and "a state capital deal." How capital money fits into this is way beyond me.

Apparently today Mayor Daley is asking the same question. I won't go into the bad blood between him and Rod, but the question is very legitimate.

And it drives me crazy the same man who cut money for street intervention workers thinks he can come out now with a half-baked plan and look like a hero. Dream on, Rod, but could someone else please wake up and solve this mess?


John Stoner said...

almost (almost) makes me hope Obama loses the election so he can come back to Springfield and kick Blago's ass outta town in 2010. Illinois politics is so screwed up. I mean, the Republicans actually lost to this guy, he got a second term... WTF? How do you lose an election to this guy on his second term?

These idiots actually give me hope for the Green Party.

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