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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Apology and Update

I know it's been pretty deadly boring here at the Tattler for the last month. The double whammy of Camp Marshfield and block party planning and execution really wiped me out. I've been lying pretty low in terms of interacting with the kids, just saying hi here and there. I went on Ebay last week to get the Oldest Brady Girl a TI-83 calculator. I got a very responsible seller--she emailed today to say it's in my P.O. box and she wondered whether I had picked it up. I hadn't; I will tomorrow.

But a few things have happened that would be worth reporting. Dorothy is locked up; in August I got a billion letters from lawyers interested in representing her. It must have been serious or she must have become ill in jail, since I haven't seen her for a month.

The corner remains quiet although people do hang out over there. The traffic circle landscape has held up well, although the vicious bindweed that the city tried to kill by spraying herbicide three times before replanting has returned. Dang. I have pulled three or four of them out by the roots; one was in the process of strangling a rosebush branch by the time I found it. I don't think I got the whole root on that one, so I'll have to keep a close eye on it and try again when it grows back. It will.

I have photos to post from the grand opening of the new 47th Street branch of Park Federal, where NHS has its new offices. The party was last Thursday night and there was a full house in the new basement conference center, where they will hold bilingual homeowner education classes. I also have photos from the grand opening of Perspectives Math & Science Academy, where Peter Pan's sister and another girl on the next block are going to school this year. I met the computer teacher, who has Peter Pan's sis in class. The photos will be up later this week.

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