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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Back to School Update and a Philanthropic Idea

So far everybody's back in school. Meg is really enjoying Lozano Alternative High School. Her sister Jo at Kennedy is determined to make straight As and earn all the financial incentive she can out of the new "pay for grades" program in CPS. A straight-A student could earn $4000 by the end of sophomore year, and that's what Jo is after: $4000 for college sounds pretty good to her. I'm willing to be the homework helpline for this endeavor. I gave Meg my cell number and told her to give it to Jo if she needs help.

Dawn is back in school though she's missed a couple of days already. Joey is going but he's more interested in graffiti than school or respecting his mother; she's at her wits end and frankly, so am I. Junior likes Golder College Prep but he's not getting there on time; he already had to serve a suspension because he racked up too many tardy demerits. He says his grades so far are Cs or higher--whew. I ran into my neighbor up the block with her daughter from Perspectives the other day; their ride never showed up and she missed a whole day of school.

Surely there is some charter-school-loving business leader in the transportation industry who wants to give money so charters can run buses, right? David Leach, Mr. Greyhound, I know you've got a lot on your plate right now with gas prices and all, but think about it, OK? Or how about you, Dale Moser at Megabus?

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