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Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Joey & Picasso's Joint Artwork

Tonight I was in the living room pretending to get work done but really just listening to the crash of Joey's soccer ball against the side of my house. I got up to say hi and found Picasso on the doorstep. Joey had just thrown the ball at him and was running away laughing.

"Hey, [Picasso], you just started school!" I said. "How's it going?"

Fortunately, Picasso didn't mind being diverted from exacting revenge on Joey. Life at Curie is OK so far, he said. Then he upped the ante, saying, "It's fantastic, actually." I didn't get into details but I'm curious what's fantastic. Changing classes? New friends? Girls? Probably some combination of all those, plus goodness only knows what else. "They give homework, but it's not that hard," he said. He really likes high school. I'll have to ask him more about it tomorrow. It doesn't sound like he has any of the teachers I know over there.

Picasso had a notebook out, so I asked to see it. The photo above is what he showed me. Joey did the spray can and Picasso did the graffiti. Nice collaboration. I showed them some photos I took during vacation. While traveling on the east coast, my mother and sisters and I took in a hip hop exhibition now running at the National Portrait Gallery in Washington.

The exhibit features two DC graffiti artists whose tags are Arek and Con. I shot pictures of their tags with my phone and brought them home for Picasso and Joey to see. Now I see there's a Flickr group connected to the exhibit where you can share your own work. I'll have to show those guys the online exhibit and see if they want to send photos of their stuff to Flickr. (They permitted me to post the photo above to the blog.)

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