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Monday, December 17, 2007

Christmas Gifts for Neighbors

While considering what to get my brother-in-law for Christmas, I found this
nifty web site chock-full of Christmas gift ideas.

They even have a section on Christmas gifts for neighbors.

"Christmas gifts for neighbors don't have to be expensive things. It's the thought that counts." True enough. My favorite gifts to give out are books, especially bilingual children's books. With families other than the Bradys, it's hard to know whether they are really getting read, but hey, you try. Last night I handed a pretty one off to a family with a number inside for the dad to call Instituto del Progreso Latino, which offers English classes at 46th and Wood. He wants to improve his English.

Despite the nice thought that neighborly gifts shouldn't get too expensive, Santa's wish list on this block does include some pricey and/or hard-to-get items:

the Julian, Jr. legal defense fund, opening at $1000

new jobs for Julian Sr. and our other Junior friend's dad--not pricey per se, but not easy for me to find, since I don't have strong connections in welding, restaurant or factory work

No Manches t-shirts for three boys who think they are funny!

acceptances to Curie, Whitney Young, Kennedy, Juarez and whatever other high schools are on our 8th-graders wish lists

affordable mortgage refinances for all my neighbors on adjustable-rate-mortgages

long-term residential drug treatment for Dorothy, who has vanished since the house was boarded up

So Santa, if you're listening, keep these in mind, OK, even for the one guy who hasn't been good. He hasn't been as bad as the charges made him out to be.

In happy news, congrats to the Su Casa Catholic Worker, who have raised the roof! They've raised the funds for much-needed roof repairs, I gather to start as soon as the weather permits.

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