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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Alternative High School Registration Open

At today's Peace and Education Coalition meeting, everyone was encouraged to let any teenagers looking to go back and finish high school to sign up at Dugan and Second Chance alternative high schools by March 14. Young people between the ages of 17 and 21 who have dropped out of high school and want to try again for their diploma are invited to register.

Right now, 35 of the 100 students now attending both schools are expected to graduate this June. So plenty of spaces will be opening up.

You can download applications for Dugan, at 4541 S. Wood, here.

For more information on Second Chance, at 5114 S. Elizabeth, check out their web site, but I think you'll have to call for application info.

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BLS said...

Thanks for the PR! We're still taking applications at both schools; all out-of-school youth ages 17-21 are encouraged to apply.

~Ms. Swenson
The Peace and Education Coalition
Alternative High School Program
Dugan and Second Chance Campuses

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