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Sunday, February 03, 2008

Chicago Magazine Gives Some Love

Chicago Magazine has finally posted online its Feburary 2008 article on 171 best Chicago websites. I'm happy to say Marshfield Tattler made it into their neighborhood recommendations.

Some others they list that I like, too:

Community Media Workshop (maps are useful)
Hot Type
Outside In

Some of the ones in my bookmarks, like Beachwood Reporter, District 299 and Gapers Block, are also listed. Happy surfing!


vampirefan said...

Just found your blog via the Chicago Mag links.

I've been reading and I've found out more stuff about the 'hood than I have for a while.

I used to live, years ago, by Seward School and my best friends mom lives on 48th & Throop so I still visit pretty often.

I especially appreciated your post about the new college prep school. My best friend's little brother is in 7th going on 8th so I know he's going to be looking at high schools soon.


Maritza said...

Thanks, Vampirefan. Here are some more new South Side high schools I would check out:

There's a new UNO-sponsored charter
high school at 4248 W. 47th St.
University of Chicago Charter in Woodlawn
Urban Prep Charter (in Englewood)--it's all boys.
Lindblom College Prep
Perspectives Math & Science Academy, which will be near IIT. They will have grades 6-12, so they are looking now for kids who will be in 6th and 7th grades next year. If you know any other little brothers and sisters who are in 5th or 6th grade this year, check out for more.

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