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Monday, February 25, 2008

Car Crashes into Little Caesars Pizza

About 4:15 p.m. this afternoon a car crashed into the front window of the Little Caesars Pizza place in Bishop Plaza at 47th and Bishop. Apparently, the woman driving the car had a seizure and passed out behind the wheel in the parking lot. Her car hit at least one other vehicle before crashing into the window and stopping against the metal window frame. It appears the car didn't hit anyone, thank goodness.

I happened to be in the eyeglass place next door when it happened. Everyone was crowding to the front windows and shouting. At first I thought it was another shooting about to happen, so I went to the back of the store and hid behind a display for a minute or two. When I realized it was a car crashing into something, I still wondered if it was gangbangers trying to get somebody.

One of the eyeglass people called 911. At first someone opened the car door and seemed like they were trying to get her out. A bunch of other bystanders called out, "Don't touch her! Let the paramedics do it!" which is the right answer, because if she had a neck or back injury (which seemed very possible) moving her could make it worse. The firefighters and an ambulance arrived within minutes. Somehow a rumor spread that she had been to a clinic at UIC earlier that day.

This poor shopping plaza seems cursed. The woman who rang up my total for glasses told me she was there back in the fall when the shooting happened. It was the first week the store was open. "I'm still a little shellshocked," she said.

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