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Monday, February 04, 2008


School Lady's little yippy dog had six puppies recently. Yesterday I went by to give her 8th grade daughter an application for Perspectives/IIT's new Math and Science Academy.

I knocked on the door and the oldest daughter answered. She's in the culinary arts program at Richards, which is the best thing going on over there.

"How's school?"

"Better!" she said cheerfully.


We went in and her sisters were playing cards in the living room. I gave 8th Grader the application and explained that the school will partner with IIT. "If you do well, you'll have a chance to take classes over there when you are a junior or senior."

"That's a great opportunity," her big sister said. She looked impressed.

"We have puppies!" interrupted her youngest sister.

We were pretty much done, so the interruption was welcome. "Puppies? Can I see?"

"She'll bark."

"I'll just look from back here." We walked to the bedroom (it's one of those carved up houses with weird room configurations--living room, bedroom, kitchen). School lady came out of the kitchen and said hello. Youngest daughter went back in the kitchen and brought out a puppy.

Pure white, about six inches long, eyes still closed. Their dog had a litter of six. "Congratulations," I said to School Lady, "or maybe I'm sorry." She laughed. I won't be taking any--allergies, but if anyone reading this is interested, post a comment or email marshfieldtattler@hotmail and maybe we can hook you up.

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