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Monday, June 30, 2008

Camp Marshfield Archaeologists

Earlier this evening, the Marshfield campers started digging a hole in my back yard, just behind the garden boxes. I sat on the back porch and listened to the squeals and admired the treasures they discovered: two snails, some interesting rocks and something that looked like a piece of tile. I was grateful they didn't find any crack pipes.

Memory Girl read another few sentences of the spider book with me, but then got sucked into the exciting dig happening before her eyes. She remembers that there are two kinds of spiders: web weavers and hunters. I was happy about that. We read just a little about how spiders build their webs. Another day.

After I went back in the house, I heard Sarah yell, "Gold dust! We found gold dust!"

Not likely, kiddo, but maybe tomorrow morning I'll go look in the hole and see what the yellow streak was. I imagine just a layer of sand.

By the way, thanks Siouxs for the book about cats & kittens! The littlest Brady girl already took a look at it. And one of her older cousins is already into chapter 5 of her Magic Tree book.

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