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Monday, June 30, 2008

Notes to Self for Next Year

I learned three things I want to remember for next year's BBQ, so I'm posting them here.

One: designate someone for inventory control. On Sunday I ended up making taco meat out of 10 lbs. of hamburger patties because they never made it on to the grill. Oops! At least they went to a good cause--the farewell party for Fr. Ed Shea at St. Joe's.

Two: don't forget to put the sign up that tells people to come around back. For security reasons I don't want the front door unlocked and unattended (or attended by people who don't know everyone).

Yup-yup got in my house because the people in the living room didn't know not to open the door. Ouch! Fortunately, one of the living room crew was a former Catholic Worker with the nose to smell alcohol on his breath and the eyes to track his progress through the house. He went straight through to the back, but imagine my horror when I saw Yup-yup walking OUT my back door. Ay, Dios! Never again!

Three: Get on Evite. Some folks from Holy Cross/IHM were going to come but they forgot the date, address, etc. I was so busy managing shopping and details I didn't do such a great job on the inviting this year.

Despite these glitches, it all went fine in the end. Here's to next year!

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