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Monday, June 16, 2008

Peace & Education Scholarship Winners

Yesterday at the Holy Cross 10 a.m. Mass, students received scholarships from the Peace & Education Coalition. In all, $70,000 will be awarded this year.

This year I was able to help interview scholarship applicants. The seven young people I spoke with were all juggling school, work and volunteering. One is an architecture major at Illinois Institute of Technology, commuting from far away, holding down a job and teaching catechism on Saturdays. Another is graduating from Kelly High School after having gotten pretty close to the gang life. This person is now going on to college and mentoring other young people to help them make better choices for themselves. A third will go to UIC as a music major, and turned down opportunities to leave Chicago in part to stay connected to Back of the Yards.

Congratulations to everyone!


DJ Strike It Up said...

One of my youth group members also won a scholarship from there.

Im super proud of her - she is currently a freshmen in college.

Maritza said...

I'm super proud of her, too--all those young people who went for the Peace & Ed Scholarships were really amazing.

Thanks for stopping by, DJ Strike It Up. Hope you'll be back again!

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